Home Remedies For Clogged Drains

If you have a clogged drain, you do not necessarily need harsh chemicals or expensive plumbing snakes to clean your drain. Sometimes the best way to clean a drain is to use what you already have available in your home. When you understand how potentially damaging chemicals and snakes can be, you will understand why simple is sometimes better.  The Dangers of Chemicals and Snakes If you live in an older home, chances are good that you have metal pipes in your home.

Help! Why Is The Toilet Leaking?

How many parts does a standard toilet have? Enough to warrant a manual. Like anything else, toilets come in different models. Some are simplistic for the small budget while others cost a pretty penny because they are extremely efficient and loaded with features. Bottom line, there are enough working parts on even the most basic of toilets to make pinpointing a leak tough. Chances are your toilet has handles, fill values, flappers, and flush valves.

3 Energy Efficient Plumbing Improvements That Can Transform Your Home

You may want to transform your home with improvements that help save energy. Solar energy can be a great way to improve your home, but there are also improvements that you want to do to make your mechanical systems more efficient. Some of these improvements can include the plumbing in your home. Here are some of the energy efficient improvements that you may want to consider for your home's plumbing systems:

Poor Water Flow From Your Kitchen Sink? How You Can Fix It Yourself

You might have the patience to endure poor water flow from the faucet over your kitchen sink for a while, but it's likely that you'll eventually reach the point at which you can no longer tolerate the problem. While you might be tempted to schedule a visit from your local plumbing professional, you also have the choice of remedying the problem on your own — if you're so inclined. You don't need much in the way of tools to tackle the job.

Keep It Hot: 2 Preventative Steps You Can Take To Help Your Water Heater Last Longer

Water heaters are so reliable that you probably don't even give yours a second-thought. You know that when you turn the hot water faucet on, you'll get hot water. That is, until your water heater breaks down. The last thing you want is for your water heater to break down while you're in the middle of a shower. Luckily, with some preventative care, you can help prevent costly repairs and help your water heater last longer.