How To Prevent Your Water Pipes From Potentially Freezing

With the cold weather of winter in full effect, you should be thinking about a potential problem you can face with your plumbing. Sub-zero temperatures outside can easily cause the pipes inside your home to freeze. In a worst-case scenario, the pipe can potentially burst and cause major water damage in your home. Keeping your pipes safe is not difficult, but will require you to do a combination of these 4 things.

How To Replace A Toilet Handle

Over time, a toilet handle can become loose, wiggle excessively, lose its initial sheen, or otherwise be a victim to age and general wear and tear. Replacing an old toilet handle will update the entire aesthetic of your toilet, while also ensuring that your toilet continues to function properly in the future. Thankfully, replacing a toilet handle is a fairly simple process that only needs a small time investment and a few simple tools.

How To Replace A Toilet Flapper

Toilet flappers are the rubber piece within your toilet tank that cover the flush valve, and control the flow of water into your toilet bowl. A damaged toilet flapper will allow water to continue to run into your toilet, resulting in the toilet bowl overflowing and higher water bills. Thankfully, the process for replacing a toilet flapper is a fairly simple one, and does not require any specialized tools. Before You Begin

4 Tips For Planning An Outdoor Wedding

An outdoor wedding is a great way to incorporate natural elements into your big day. However, it can be less than perfect without the proper planning in place. If you are planning an outdoor wedding, here are some tips to remember.  Have a Backup Plan The weather can sometimes be unpredictable. Even with a forecast for good weather for your wedding day, it is important that you have a backup plan that you can quickly implement in the event that there is a drastic change in the weather.

Different Options For Clearing Out Your Slow Moving Drainage Lines

When the drain lines in your home are moving slowly, you want to find a way to remove any debris from the pipes. Luckily, you have a few methods that will help you deal with different types of clogs that may be slowing down your drainage lines. Pipe Cleaners Pipe cleaners come in a liquid or powder form that you can use to remove debris from inside your drainage lines. Most chemical cleaners help remove grease and soap scum from the sides of pipes.