3 Problems That Could Leave Your Bathroom Dirty

Does it feel like no matter how often you clean your bathroom, it is still dirty? If so, your habits in the bathroom might not be to blame. There could be a plumbing problem that is causing the issue. Learn about some of the dirt-causing effects plumbing problems can cause.  1. Shower Rings  A ring around the base of the shower is almost always an indication of a drain issue. Showers are designed for the water to instantly flow out the shower through the drain.

How To Save Energy By Upgrading Your Plumbing

When people think about saving energy, whether it be gas or electric, often their minds go to things like heating and cooling the home, or changing out light bulbs for more efficient ones. However, while it might not be on your mind, you can actually save a considerable amount of energy every month by improving the plumbing in your home. Here are two ways to significantly cut down on your electric or heating bill.

Tankless Water Heater And Supply Issues — Repairs That Can Be Made

Tankless hot water heaters are often touted as low-maintenance appliances when compared to tank units. While this is true, the tankless device will still need some repairs on occasion. This is true if you notice a problem with the hot water supply. Keep reading to learn more about why this might happen and also what your plumber will do to fix it. Clogged Burners The burners on your tankless unit will work similarly to the ones on a standard water heater.

Tips For Working With A Heating Contractor When Building A Home

If you are getting ready to have a home built for your family, you will probably need to work with a heating contractor throughout the process. These are a few tips that can help you when you work with a heating contractor when building your home. Ask Your General Contractor or Builder for Recommendations You might already be working with a general contractor or builder. If this is the case, ask for their recommendations about a good heating contractor to hire for the job.

Plunging a Toilet the Right Way

As you are likely aware, plunging a toilet isn't exactly rocket science. Despite that fact, many people find successfully plunging a toilet much more of a struggle than it should be. If you would like to learn how to make your plunging efforts both quicker and more effective, read on. This article will provide three helpful pointers. Be sure you're using the right type of plunger. If you happen to assume that all plungers are basically the same, you're like most people.