Top Four Reasons You're Having Septic Problems

A septic tank can be a fickle beast. While they're incredibly convenient for people who live outside the city limits, they also need to be treated with a measure of care. If you're having issues with one, it's imperative that you call a septic tank pumping service to handle your issues as soon as possible so that it doesn't turn into a much larger issue.

Below are some of the most common reasons people need septic tank repair services, most of which are 100% avoidable with a little precaution.

Out of Date Septic Systems

Septic tanks are not new technology. As a matter of fact, the first septic tank was installed in 1860, even though the version that we're familiar with today was invented around World War Two. 

If that's how old your septic system is, however, chances are, you're due for an upgrade. We field calls all the time from people who have old septic systems that have since fallen into disrepair. A septic tank repair service only goes so far though, so at some point, they'll need to be replaced.

Excessive Rainfall

People who live in tropical climates are used to dealing with a lot of rain dumping at one time, but if you've got a septic system installed, you've got even more headaches to contend with. The heavy rain can actually seep down into the soil and put a strain on the tank, causing you to need septic repair services to bring it back into working order. Even worse, a hurricane itself can physically damage the unit, which also necessitates immediate action. Make it easier on your tank by making sure you watch what you're putting down the drain.

Poor Maintenance

Septic tank pumping services usually put their clients on a regular schedule, that way it doesn't become overloaded and strained by too much usage. If you're not on one, or you haven't had yours pumped in a while, you most likely need septic tank pumping now. Call your local technician for a checkup and get on a 6-12 month schedule for pumping services.

Long Term Visitors

A few extra people gathered around the table on Thanksgiving is a welcome treat, unless you consider what all those extra bodies are most likely doing to your plumbing system. Septic tank pumping services always see an increase around holiday time, as more people means more waste. If you've got people coming, make sure they all know what to flush and not flush down your drain. 

To learn more information about septic problems. reach out to a septic tank pumping service near you.