Help! Why Is The Toilet Leaking?

How many parts does a standard toilet have? Enough to warrant a manual. Like anything else, toilets come in different models. Some are simplistic for the small budget while others cost a pretty penny because they are extremely efficient and loaded with features. Bottom line, there are enough working parts on even the most basic of toilets to make pinpointing a leak tough.

Chances are your toilet has handles, fill values, flappers, and flush valves. Any one of these parts can be the cause of a leak.

Troubleshooting a Run

A running toilet isn't necessarily a leak, but it can cause your toilet to run through more water than usual. The flapper seal could be worn and in need of replacement. Alternatively, it's possible the fill vale is malfunctioning. Replacing the fill valve gasket and the washer found in the assembly can return it to watertight status and end the runs, no pun intended.

If your toilet is running and overflowing, the float inside the tank is likely the issue. The float is a large plastic ball that rides a metal rod and drifts inside the tank. Try replacing it to fix the problem.

Troubleshooting a Drip

Few things take a toll on sanity like a constant drip. Sometimes a toilet tank drip is little more than seasonal sweating. Other times it's the indication of a bad seal, a crack, or loose piping. You can troubleshoot a drip covered tank by dropping in food coloring and monitoring to see if it touches the floor. If it does, chances are the tank has a crack and needs replacing, or the piping needs to be checked for loose connections.

Troubleshooting a Puddle

Are your visits to the bathroom often met with a puddle of water around the base of the toilet? It's barely enough to notice but just enough to make you panic when your toe or heel suddenly catches it.

Water accumulation around the base of a toilet is usually dirty water from the bowl. The leak could be caused by a worn wax ring. You'll need to tighten the toilet tee bolts, replace the wax ring, and caulk the toilet base. If the bottom of the actual toilet has sprung a leak, a new throne will be in order before caulking.

If your water bill is on the rise, don't be afraid to contact a plumber. They can pinpoint any toilet trouble and rule out underlying issues.