Different Options For Clearing Out Your Slow Moving Drainage Lines

When the drain lines in your home are moving slowly, you want to find a way to remove any debris from the pipes. Luckily, you have a few methods that will help you deal with different types of clogs that may be slowing down your drainage lines.

Pipe Cleaners

Pipe cleaners come in a liquid or powder form that you can use to remove debris from inside your drainage lines. Most chemical cleaners help remove grease and soap scum from the sides of pipes.

It is important to note that these products contain a solvent. The solvent is used to dissolve the sticky film that forms on the sides of pipes. Some of these chemicals can help loosen larger clogs such as a buildup of hair, food particles or paper products that become lodged in the drain.

The problem with the chemicals is that they do not generally breakdown the larger items stuck inside your pipe. Instead, they loosen the film holding the debris to the side of the drain. Once the chemical loosens the film, you may be able to get the clog out of the drainage line by flushing the pipe with water.  

Plumbers' Snake

If your drain line is still moving slowly after you try a chemical cleaner, your next option is to use a plumbers' snake. It is a thin piece of plastic with barbs attached to the sides. You use it to hook debris lodged inside your pipe so you can pull it out.

You can find the plumbers' snakes at your local home improvement store. This tool comes in several sizes, which include a larger version that looks like a plastic hose with barbed ends.

Plumbers use this type of tool a lot to pull debris out of drainage lines. The only difference between the tools is that a plumber will have a much larger version that may also have a camera attachment. The camera allows the plumber to see into the drainage line to determine the location and size of the clog.

Water Pressure 

In some cases, the problem for your slow moving drains is in the main sewage line of your home. When this is your issue, you will most likely notice that several of your drains move slowly. To handle this problem, you will need a plumber to flush out the main sewage line.

To flush the main line, a plumber will use highly pressurized water. In most cases, the plumber places a hose into one drain such as the kitchen sink or tub, and then they use a piece of machinery that pumps water into the line. The pressure clears the main sewage line and allows the water from your other drains to flow properly once again.

Whether you are dealing with one or more slow moving drains, you need a way to fix the issue. Knowing which drains are having the issues and the different repair methods can help you deal with your slow moving drains. If you find that you need a professional plumber to help clear your slow moving drains, look at companies like Action Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning Inc.