2 Tips To Keep Your Sewer Lines From Clogging

Your sewer system, which consists of the sewer lines, drains and septic tank, is primarily underground, so clogs in the main lines can be really hard to locate and remove. For this reason it is important to actually avoid any potential clogging by watching what goes down the drains and scheduling regular sewer cleaning and maintenance so as to avert a disaster later down the line.

Here are simple tricks to help prevent your sewer lines from blocking and backing up and how to keep your entire sewer system in good working order.

Keep trees and bushes away from the sewer lines

Trees and other vegetation near the sewer system can cause serious clogging and damage to your sewer lines. Roots from such vegetation are attracted to the water and nutrients in the sewer lines and can often infiltrate even the tiniest crack to sneak into the sewer pipes. These roots then trap tissue, grease, hairs and other debris, causing clogs that can result in backed up sinks and toilets.

To determine if your sewers are infiltrated by tree roots, listen for an odd gurgling in the sewers and black water oozing from your kitchen and bathroom faucets. A sewer cleaning service can be called in to remove the invading roots and repair any damaged sewer lines. To avoid a similar problem in future, avoid planting new shrubs and trees near your exterior sewer lines.

Avoid using harsh chemical cleaners

Using harsh acidic chemical drain cleaners on a regular basis can cause more harm than good to your sewers. This is because they are usually not very effective at breaking down clogs and can get trapped in the piping, corroding the sewer lines. When used regularly, these chemicals can also inflate the cost of sewer cleaning, as technicians often have to encounter the risk of skin, eye and respiratory damage when using their equipment to clean and repair the sewers.

A good alternative to acidic chemical cleaners is to use enzyme cleaners on a monthly basis to remove grime and other clogging agents in the sewers. You should also inject hot water into the kitchen drain and laundry tub line on a weekly basis to remove oil and grease deposits that could cause a clog deep inside the sewer main line.

The above measures, coupled with an annual professional sewer cleaning, can help prevent any serious clogging that could damage your sewer lines or cause a plumbing disaster in the home.

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