Water Water Everywhere: How To Stop A Leaky Pipe Until The Plumber Can Arrive

If you have a leaky pipe under the sink, you're going to want to stop the leak as soon as you can. The first thing you'll need to do is turn the main water supply off to your house. This will prevent potential flooding problems. The next thing you should do is call the plumber so they can come out and repair the damage for you. If it's going to be a while before the plumber can get to your house, you may want to do some emergency repairs. The emergency repairs will stop the leak so you can turn the water back on. Here's a quick way to stop the leak until the plumber can get to you.

Remove the Water

Before you repair the leak, you'll need to remove the water from the pipes. Look under the sink. You'll notice a pipe that's shaped like P. That's the P-joint. Place a bucket under that joint. Use a wrench to loosen the nut that connects the P-joint to the drain pipes. Carefully remove the joint and allow the water to drain into the bucket. Once the drain is empty, you can replace the P-joint. Use a rag to dry the pipe before you begin repairs.

Apply a Sealant

Once the water has been removed and the pipe has been dried, you'll need to seal the crack. Apply a thin layer of silicone glue to the pipe and smooth it over with your finger or a small putty knife. Allow the glue to dry before applying a second coat. When the glue is dry, you'll be ready to seal the pipe.

Seal the Crack

Take a thick layer of newspapers and wrap them around the pipe. Loosen a hose clamp and place it over the pipe and newspaper. Move the clamp until it's positioned directly over the crack. Tighten the clamp to ensure a tight fit. Turn the water back on. Place the bucket under the pipe and turn the main water valve back on. Watch the paper and the bucket. If you don't see water soaking through the newspaper, your pipe is safe to use until the plumber can take care of the permanent repairs.

Leaky pipes can make it difficult to use the water in your house. If a leaky pipe has you sidelined, use these simple instructions to take care of emergency repairs. For larger leaks, make sure you leave the water off until your plumber can take care of the problem for you. For more information, visit http://terryrossplumbing.com/ or a similar website.