2 Reasons Not To Worry About Complex Sewer Repairs

As a homeowner, few things are scarier than learning that you have a serious sewer issue. You might lose sleep worrying about overflowing toilets or dealing with your landscaping being dug up to resolve the problem. Fortunately, professionals can resolve sewer issues without making a mess. Here are two reasons not to worry about complex sewer repairs:

1: Trenchless Repairs

After perfecting those flowerbeds and carefully manicuring your lawn, you might worry that professional plumbers will need to dig a trench right through your yard to address those pipes. However, as long as the pipes are still intact and don't contain any large cracks, professionals might be able to conduct highly effective trenchless repairs to clean out those lines.

By snaking cleaning tools through your home drains and sending them to troubled areas, experts can suck debris out of pipes or use pressurized water to clean the insides. Once the debris is sprayed and loosened, it can flow freely into the larger main sewer lines and away from your property. The process is fast, effective, and tidy—so that you don't inherit extra projects because you fixed your plumbing. 

2: Magnetic Probes

Are you worried about professionals being able to find clogs? Don't worry about experts filling your sink or bathtub with vats of chemicals or trekking through your entire house to find the problem. To find clogs in a jiffy, plumbing professionals can actually send a magnetic probe through your pipes. When the probe stops advancing, professionals will use a special detector to find where the clog sits.

If the area has to be excavated, experts can target the location of the problem, instead of carefully inspecting the entire line. This feature is especially helpful if you have a pipe that has been impacted by a rogue tree root or a broken pipe. Plumbing professionals can dig directly to the problem, replace the damaged section of the pipe, and make sure that the magnetic probe can advance easily after the repair is complete.

Don't worry about professionals losing their probes to fast moving water. Most probes are fitted with a strong metal line so that professionals can pull them back out of your plumbing system when they are finished with the repair.  

If you think that you have a serious plumbing problem, don't hesitate to contact a plumber (such as one from South West Plumbing) today. By understanding how professionals tackle serious plumbing problems, you might be able to sit back and relax while an expert handles your sewer issues.