Four Things That Increase The Frequency Of Your Septic Tank Cleaning

A septic tank needs to be regularly cleaned for proper maintenance. The frequency of the cleaning depends on different factors, chief of which is the size of the tank. Here are four more things that increase the frequency of cleaning your septic tank.

Using a Garbage Disposer

The garbage disposal unit increases the frequency of cleaning because it increases the amount of waste going into the tank. Without the disposal unit, the waste would be discarded elsewhere, and not in the septic tank. This is especially true if you have a small septic tank because garbage disposers don't use gigantic amounts of water, so the main additional wastes are the bits of food.

Regular Overnight Guests

Septic tanks are usually sized based on the number of bedrooms in the house. The assumption is that these bedrooms will be occupied, so the sizing is really based on the number of people living in the house. Suppose you have a three-bedroom house, but two of them are large enough to be shared. If you have frequent overnight guests staying with you, then it's almost as if you have a bigger household. This means you will be pumping more wastes into the tank than it was designed to handle, so you need to clean the tank more frequently.

A Home-Based Business

Not every home-based business will increase the cleaning frequency of your septic tank. However, some businesses have this effect because they increase the rate of water usage in your home. Examples include hair salons and day cares; you use more water with these businesses than you would without them.

Using a Sewage Ejector Pump

An ejector pump is used when plumbing fixture, such as a bathroom, is installed below the main septic line grade. Its function is to pump wastes into the main septic line, which is why they are frequently installed in basements. Unfortunately, the macerated sewage pumped by the ejector increases the risk of pushing floating solids into the drainfield, which means you need to clean your tank more frequently if you have the ejector pump.

Failing to clean your septic tank with the desired frequency has dire consequences. For one, it may lead to drainfield failure, whose repair costs a lot of money. Then there is also the issue of health risk; an overflowing or failing septic tank can contaminate groundwater and present a serious threat to nearby plants, animals, and people. Work with a septic tank cleaning company to come up with a schedule that keeps your tank in good condition.