3 Signs Your You Need To Hire A Plumber For Your Kitchen

Even if you are diligent in regular maintenance of your kitchen, eventual repairs are still inevitable. After all, the kitchen is one of the most used rooms in any house, which means it experiences much more daily wear and tear than your other fixtures. No one wants to deal with troublesome plumbing, especially in a place where they prepare food, so here are some signs that your kitchen plumbing is in need of repair.

Leaky Faucets Or Pipes

This is the largest sign that all is not well in your kitchen's plumbing. While a small leak seems simple enough to fix on your own, you might end up making matters worse as leaks can simply transfer to different parts of the systems. Indeed, depending on where the leak comes from, a very specific fix needs to be used in order to make sure the problem goes away. This is where an experienced plumber comes in, as they will be able to identify the leak and its exact cause without the potential of making things worse. Just remember, don't delay because the leak is small, water tends to gather beneath the sink, which can warp the flooring and foster mold growth, which can have negative health consequences for your entire family. 

Your Sink's Drain Has A Stubborn Clog

It's not terribly uncommon for the kitchen sink to clog as various oils and food particles get stuck in the pipes. Usually, a household drain cleaner is enough to do the trick. Yet, if you try busting a clog again and again only for it to rear its ugly head time and time again, the problem may be out of your reach. Indeed, your sink, like all fixtures in your home, connects to a deeper piping system which all empties into your main sewer line. As such, the problem can often take root deep in the piping, where only a professional will be able to fish it out. So, if you have a reoccurring drain problem, consult a plumber immediately to get it sorted out.

Your Garbage Disposal Has Given Out

Garbage disposals can go a long way to prevent clogged pipes, as they tirelessly break up debris into small enough chunks for them to flow effortlessly through the pipes. Given its rather rough and tumble style of work, it is inevitable that it will break down from usage. Should this happen, a plumber will also gladly install a new one for you, so you can continue to minimize any risk you might have of clogging your sink drain in the future. 

So, if any of these problems appear in your kitchen, you probably should look into hiring a local plumber, such as Aumenta Plumbing & Heating Co.