3 Reasons Why Major Plumbing Emergencies Can't Wait Until The Morning

As you probably already know, emergency plumbers often charge a higher fee for coming out to your home in the middle of the night or on a weekend or holiday. This can leave you wanting to put off calling a plumber until regular business hours, but in some cases, this is a terrible idea. These are a few reasons why major plumbing emergencies cannot wait until the morning, even if you do have to pay a slightly higher rate to get a plumber out as soon as possible.

1. They Can Cause Serious, Expensive Property Damage

First of all, you should consider all of the serious, expensive property damage that a serious leak can cause. Water leaks that you can't control can cause your floor to rot out or can cause damage to your walls, the ceiling on the floor below the source of the problem, your cabinets and more. This can cause simple plumbing issues that could've otherwise been easily resolved to cost you thousands of dollars in repairs. Paying a higher late-night service charge is certainly much cheaper and more preferable than dealing with extensive property damage after a plumbing leak.

2. They Can Cause Unsanitary Conditions for Your Family

Some plumbing leaks can cause dangerous, unsanitary conditions for your family. If your problem is related to sewage and is allowing raw sewage to seep into your home, for example, you and your family could be very sick. Plus, excessive moisture can cause mold, which can make breathing difficult for your family. Having a plumber out as soon as possible can help you ensure that your home is safe for you and your loved ones.

3. They Can Get Much Worse

Even if a leak seems very serious, such as if there is water going everywhere in your home, it can sometimes be fixed relatively easily by a qualified plumber. Ignoring these leaks can cause other pipes to become dislodged, however, or can otherwise result in the plumbing problem becoming more serious. In these cases, it is generally cheaper to go ahead and pay a plumber to come out after hours  than it is to pay for all of the added plumbing issues that can result from putting off repairs.

If there is a major plumbing emergency going on in your home, you shouldn't wait to call a plumber. Instead, find one who offers emergency services, like South Side Plumbing & Heating Co. Inc., and get the problem resolved as quickly as possible.