Need an Emergency Leak Fix? Don't Fret!

If one of the pipes underneath your kitchen sink is leaking, you can temporarily repair it with epoxy putty and plumbing tape. This quick fix will allow you to use the faucet until you are able to have the pipe repaired or replaced by a professional plumber, like those at Mike Hensley Plumbing Inc, and you won't need to worry about water damaging the area under the sink.


  • towel
  • emery cloth
  • disposable gloves
  • epoxy putty
  • plumbing tape
  • bowl
  • warm water

Dry Off And Sand The Leaking Pipe

Turn off the water valve. Turn on the kitchen faucet for a few minutes so that any water that is inside of the pipes is eliminated. Use a towel to dry off the surface of the leaking pipe. Rub an emery cloth over the damaged area to remove residue. An emery cloth has sandpaper on one side and fabric on the other and is flexible, making it easy to move over surfaces that are not flat. 

Apply Epoxy Putty

Put on a pair of disposable gloves. Mold some epoxy putty between your hands until it is flat and large enough to cover the section of the pipe that is leaking. Press the epoxy putty against the pipe until it is secure. Epoxy putty is waterproof and won't shrink or become loose when it is exposed to moisture. The putty will take an hour or two to set, but you will need to wait for the putty to harden before you move on to the next step.

Attach Plumbing Tape

Dip a roll of plumbing tape into a bowl of warm water. Hold the tape under the water until it is saturated. Squeeze out the excess water from the roll. Wrap the whole roll of tape around the putty-covered section, beginning at one end and adding the tape in even layers. Dip your glove covered fingertips in the bowl of water for a few seconds. Press them firmly against the tape covered section of the pipe. The water will help the tape bond to the pipe if the edges of it are not secure. Wait for the tape to dry completely.

Turn on the water supply and the faucet. Water will no longer be leaking out of the pipe. You can use the kitchen faucet as you normally would until you are able to have the patched pipe repaired or replaced by a licensed plumber.