How To Replace A Flush Valve

Your toilet's flush valve controls when water enters and does not enter the bowl. If your flush valve is not working properly, your toilet's water tank will leak, resulting in a waste of water and a potential overflow in the bathroom, which is a hassle to clean up. Thankfully, replacing the flush valve is a fairly simple process that only takes a few minutes with the right knowledge and tools.

Before You Begin

You'll need a pair of pliers, an adjustable wrench, and a screwdriver with multiple heads (as each toilet uses a different type of screw). You will also need a replacement flush valve. All of these items can be found at most hardware stores if you do not already have them at home.

How to Replace a Flush Valve

Turn the water supply to your toilet off, using the shutoff valve behind the toilet, and then flush the toilet to drain the bowl.

Disconnect the water supply line with the adjustable wrench.

Move the refill tube out of the plastic tube of the flush valve. The refill tube is a thin plastic tube extending from the base of the tank.

Use the screwdriver to unscrew the bolts holding the tank to the bowl. Remove the tank from the toilet and place it carefully on the ground nearby, lying on its side.

Inside the tank, locate the flush valve. It is in the middle of the tank, and is made out of a long plastic tube with a rubber flap at the bottom that controls the flow of water into the toilet bowl.

Use the pliers to remove the nut holding the flush valve to the tank, which is located on the bottom of the tank.

Remove the old flush valve from the toilet tank, and slide the new flush valve into the space that it has just vacated. Reattach the flush valve to the tank using the nut you just removed with the pliers.

Lift the toilet tank back onto the toilet bowl, and use the screwdriver to screw the nuts back into the tank. Reconnect the water supply line using the wrench.

Lift the chain connected to the plastic flap so that it rests on the metal rod extending from the flush lever. Place the refill tube in the plastic tube of the flush valve.

Turn the water supply to the toilet back on, and check for any leaks. Flush the toilet to ensure that it refills properly. If it does not, ensure that the flapper chain and the refill tube are correctly back in position.

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