3 Potential Fixes For Tap Water With A Chlorine Taste Or Smell

Has your tap water suddenly started to smell or taste a bit like chlorine? It's disconcerting to take a big sip of water only to be greeted with a harsh chemical taste. But fixes are available that vary depending on what's causing your problem. It's never a bad idea to contact a local plumber when the chlorine becomes noticeable to receive professional assistance. Until you can get a service call, here are a few potential fixes for the chlorine tap water.

Check the City

Contact your local water company and ask if anything about the water system has changed recently. The water company might've performed a system clean and inadvertently added too much purifying chlorine to the mix. Or the company could have recently flushed the city lines to make service more efficient. The flushing can make chlorine levels in the flushed areas rise temporarily as the water levels rise.

If the chlorine taste or smell doesn't go away after you speak to the utility company, contact a local politician and report the problem. The politician might be able to discover if more people in the area are affected and can ask the hard questions at the water company.

Under-Sink Purifier

Head to your local hardware store and look for an under-sink water purification system. You will need a small amount of plumbing knowledge to install the system correctly. Follow the package directions and call a plumber if you become stuck on how to proceed.

An under-sink purifier intercepts water as it comes up through the pipes and heads for the faucet exit. The purifying elements inside the purifier are able to remove unwanted minerals from the water as well as at least some of the chlorine taste or smell. If the chlorine taste or smell is really persistent, the purifier might not remove the chlorine completely.

Check the Pipes

Is the chlorine taste only occurring at one sink? You likely have a problem somewhere in your plumbing. Old metal pipes in particular can allow chemicals to build up inside. The built up chlorine can then dose each rush of water as it comes by, which can make the water seem as if it's receiving chlorine over a long period of time.

The only way to know for sure if it's a pipe issue is to contact a plumber like http://www.garrettplumbinginc.com. Keep in mind that some piping might need to be replaced entirely before the problem is fixed.