Summer Is Coming: 4 Tips To Protect Your Plumbing System

The summer months can be hard on your plumbing as your lawn needs more upkeep and it's likely there are more visitors coming in and out of your home. To help keep your plumbing functioning properly, it is important that you prepare ahead of time. Here are some tips you can use before and during the summer season.

Inspect Your Sprinklers

Your sprinklers are probably used more during the summer months. Broken or clogged sprinklers can result in water not being properly spread over your lawn. Inspect your sprinklers and clean the heads before the summer arrives. If you have teenagers mowing your lawn this summer, make sure they only mow during the times that the sprinklers are lowered. Otherwise, you could end up with damaged sprinkler heads.

Turn Down the Water Heater

If you and the family are heading out of town during the summer, you can take that opportunity to save on your energy bills by turning down the water heater a few degrees. Not only will you save on your energy bills, but you also help to reduce the rate of wear on your water heater while away.

Educate Everyone on the Drains

During the summer, if you have guests in and out of your home, it is important that they are aware of what is and is not allowed down your drains. You can post a list near the kitchen sink with foods that do and do not belong in the disposal. You can also post notes in the bathroom to discourage guests from flushing the wrong things down your toilets.

Check Your Washing Machine

The summer months can be particularly harsh on washing machines. Due to various factors, such as the kids getting dirtier than usual, your washing machine might get used a lot more. To help your washing machine cope with this increased usage, you need to inspect it before summer arrives. Ensure the washing machine is not against the wall and that the hoses do not have kinks in them. If your hoses look worn, replace them.

You should always schedule an inspection of all your plumbing before the summer comes. A plumber from a business like Art Stover Plumbing can pinpoint any potential problems you could face and help get them fixed ahead of the season. The plumber can also offer suggestions on how you can ensure your plumbing is ready for the increased demands by your family and guests.