3 Signs Of Water Heater Problems

Your water heater can last years without the need for more than simple maintenance. When your water heater is on the verge of experiencing problems, it usually lets you know. Here are three signs to look for if you think your electric water heater is possibly failing.

Strange Noises

When water is drawn into the tank of the electric water heater, sediment that is in it eventually settles to the bottom. As the tank empties and refills, the sediment accumulation at the bottom of the tank will start to harden. When this occurs, the water heater will begin to make strange noises.

The buildup of sediment also means that your water heater will operate less efficiently. The extra effort to keep water heated will result in more wear and tear which means you will need a new water heater earlier than you planned.

You have a couple of options for dealing with this issue. You can drain the water heater periodically and wash out the sediment at the bottom. Another is to have a professional service the water heater. It is important that you act quickly. If you put off resolving the problem, the water heater will eventually need to be replaced.

Rusty Water

One of the earliest signs that your electric water heater is in need of service is rusty water. The rusty water could be a sign that either your water heater has a tank with rust on the inside or that the pipes in your home are rusty.

To determine whether or not your water heater is the culprit, drain the water from the tank. If the water continues to be rusty after a few buckets, the problem is more than likely your water heater. If it were the pipes, the water would eventually run clear.

If the water heater is rusty, you will have to replace it with a new one.

Water Surrounding the Heater

When water starts to surround the heater, it is usually because your heater has a leak somewhere. As the water heater warms the water, the water is pushed through the leak and can start to surround the heater.

Before calling in the pro, check the connections to the water heater. Ensure that all the fittings are tight and not dripping water. You should also inspect your tank for signs of a crack. If you cannot find and stop the source of the leak, call in a professional like one from Clean Plumbers BY Phillip Maurici Plumbing Inc.

Electrical water heaters are good for keeping hot water flowing through your home. However, just like any other appliance, you can experience problems occasionally. To ensure your repair bills stay within reason, pay attention to the possible signs of problems.