How To Replace A Flush Valve

Your toilet’s flush valve controls when water enters and does not enter the bowl. If your flush valve is not working properly, your toilet’s water tank will leak, resulting in a waste of water and a potential overflow in the bathroom, which is a hassle to clean up. Thankfully, replacing the flush valve is a […]

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A Quick Fix For A Leaky Pipe

If you’ve got a pipe leaking under the sink, don’t panic. Whether it’s late at night and you can’t call a plumber or you don’t want to dole out the cash, this is a repair you can do yourself as long as you know the proper steps. Fortunately, small leaks can be stopped and even […]

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Hoiw To Flush Your Hot Water Tank

Over time sediment such as rust, calcium, and other debris can build up in your water tank and cause it to wear out faster than normal. The sediment also displaces the water in your tank and reduces the amount of hot water you’ll have available for taking showers and cleaning dishes. The sediment also increases […]

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